Senior Staff


Dr. Ilaria Gionfriddo, MSc, PhD

Assistant Professor, Researcher

As the responsible senior staff of the drug screening I coordinate the screening of chemical libraries to identify either new or old drugs, or combinations, that go beyond those conventionally used in AML treatment and that would act selectively against NPM1 mutant-bearing leukemic cells.



Dr. Francesca Milano, MSc, PhD

Assistant Professor, Researcher

As the senior staff responsible for the CRISPR/Cas9-based screening task of the project, my role is to find new pathways/genes specifically essential in NPM1-mutated AML (‘synthetic-lethal’ with NPM1 mutated protein) and coordinate and perform the following in vitro and in vivo validation studies for finding synthetic lethal partners and develop new drugs.


Research assistants


Eng. Dr. Giulio Spinozzi, MSc, PhD

Postdoctoral researcher

My role in the ERC Project (ContraNPM1AML) is next-generation sequencing data processing and analyses. The main topics of my research activity are related to the computational biology field and the developing of efficient bioinformatics pipelines in the big data era.



Dr. Alessio Ferrari, MSc, PhD

Postdoctoral researcher

With my PhD in Translational Medicine and Drug Discovery, I will give in the project ContraNPM1AML my contribution to the drug development phase of candidates from the drug screening, performing the essential validation and mechanism of action studies.

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Dr. Corinne Quadalti, MSc, PhD

I work on the genetic engineering of cell lines and primary cells to unveil the role of AML-related genes. The main focus of my research is to edit the nucleophosmin gene (NPM1) and the genes most frequently assocaited to it in the leukemogenesis process using the cutting edge CRISPR/Cas9 technology.



PhD Students


Dr. Roberta Ranieri, MSc

The idea of my PhD project is to understand cellular, molecular mechanisms linking NPM1 mutations to AML disease and related leukemogenesis mechanisms. Using in vitro cell models and primary cell derived from patients I perform high throughput screening of drugs, alone or in combinations.

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Dr. Luca Albicocco Giovinati, MSc

My PhD activity in the ContraNPM1AML project will be focused on establishment and characterization of new relevant preclinical cellular models of AML with NPM1 and cooperating mutations, and their employment in pharmacogenomic studies.

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Dr. Valerio Ciaurro, MSc

Goal of my project is: dissecting the cellular modifications induced by NPM1 mutation with/without concomitant mutations in human HSCs; analyse their impact on myeloid, lymphoid differentiation using in vitro, in vivo approaches.

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Dr. Lorenzo Ledda


My work is to collaborate in the management activity of the laboratory and also perform immunofluorescence/immunocytochemical stainings of cytospin of cell preparation and immunohistochemical stainings of either human or mice bone tissues.


Other contributors


Dr. Federica Mezzasoma, MSc, PhD


As a Senior Postdoc with experience in development, maintenance and drug testing on either in vitro cellular models or mouse models of NPM1-mutated AML, I’m responsible for preclinical studies on the murine models and related in vitro drug testing to find new therapeutic strategies in NPM1-mutated AML.



Dr. Sara Pierangeli, MSc, PhD


The main goal of my work is to create cellular models by transfecting or infecting cell lines and primary cells with gene of interest , optimizing the functional expression of mutated onco-proteins most frequently associated with NPM1 mutation.The aim is to dissect and characterize their role in  the leukemogenesis process.

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Dr. Roberta Rossi, MSc, PhD


As a Senior Postdoc with experience in the diagnosis of patients with acute myeloid leukemia, the aim of my research project is the analysis of the large series of patients with acute myeloid leukemia to detect nucleophosmin mutation (AML NPMc+) and to discover new mutations of the NPM1 gene.

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Dr. Marcella Sabino, MSc, PhD


The goal of my project is to evaluate the effect of different drugs in NPM1-mutated AML patients. To this aim, I will exploit the great potential of NGS technologies, analysing gene mutations and whole transcriptome, in order to find out gene expression variation induced by novel and existing drugs



Dr. Sofia Pascolini


Responsible for the correct procedures for processing, storing, collection, disposal and management of biological samples and laboratory information management system administrator. As a technician, my work is also to collaborate in the management activity of the laboratory and diagnosis of patients with acute myeloid leukemia



Dr. Nicole Santoro, MD

PhD Student

I’m a clinical hematologist and I’m mainly involved in translational research. My PhD project is focused on preclinical studies to evaluate the efficacy of new and old combinatorial drugs on mouse xenograft models (by using either patients derived AML cells and human cell lines). The prncipal aim is to find new therapeutic strategies in NPM1- mutated AML and translate the results in designing new clinical trials.


Management staff


Dr. Marco Bazzoffia

Administrative Secretary of Department of Medicine



Dr. Rossana Riccini, PhD

Project manager



Dr. Laura Pinacoli

Administrative Consultant
Project Manager Assistant



Prof. Roberto Cippitani

Ethics Advisor


Past collaborators


Dr. Alessia Adorni

Her main role in the project was to perform all the NGS related activities from the nucleic acid extraction and library preparation to the execution of the sequencing in all the available instruments at our facility.